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We offer Add-on solutions to your current SAP landscape. Our Add-on tools always aims at taking the hard work out of the SAP Analysts, Consultants, Super Users, Developers and End Users.

Smart ERP Soft's tools are always based on the productivity, performance and automation.

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SAP Analyst's ToolBox

Only tool that is available in the market to dissect and reverse engineer whats behind every SAP t-code and custom t-codes / reports. With a click of a button, it gives you the complete details about the each and every fields that are mapped to what table fields and if its a calculated or derived field where the logic is kept up to the code level.

Its a boon to Application Developers, SAP Analysts, Consultants, Super users.

If you have a custom t-code in your system, understand the complete output fields without reading or debugging the ABAP code.

SAP Analyst's ToolBox contains the following Modules.
  • SAP TCode Visualizer 
  • Automatic TCode Mapper
  • FM, CL, Methods Mapper
  • User Exits, BAdis, Enhancement Finder
  • ​GOS Attachments Explorer