SAP Document Migration. 



Become an SAP Document Migration Consultant and server our clients. 

  1. Introduction to SAP Documents Attachments.  

  2. SAP KPro Knowledge Provider. 

  3. SAP Fiori Document Attachments 

  4. How to do Fiori documents attachments? What are all standard supported options? 

  5. GOS attachments / SAP Office documents 

  6. Store Business documents (ArchiveLink) 

  7. SAP DMS documents. 

  8. SAP BS_ATF attachments / SAP BOBF 

  9. Content repositories – OAC0 

  10. Storage category vs Repository  

  11. SAP Document Center 

  12. SAP Document Services 

  13. SAP Cloud Platform Document Management 

  14. Install SAP Content Server 

  15. List of 3rd Party Content Servers supported in SAP 

  16. CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) set up in SAP 

  17. SAP CMIS 1.1 server and client 

  18. How to set up CMIS repository in S/4 Hana On-Prem for Outbound 

  19. CMIS Workbench and accessing contents 

  20. Content server configuration HTTP / RFC 

  21. SOFFCONN1 table. 

  22. File system storage. 


  24. OAC2 / OAC3 / OACT 

  25. DMS documents, versions and or originals migration. 

  26. SAP ArchiveLink Technology 

  27. Standard SAP Migration programs 

  28. Migrate from SAP content server to third party content server 

  29. Migrate DMS documents  

  30. Migrate EHSM documents. 

  31. Migrate SAP TM documents 

  32. Migrate ArchiveLink documents 

  33. Migrate DB to content servers 

  34. Migrate from Content Servers to DB 

  35. Migrate GOS attachments. 

  36. Migrate to CMIS 1.1 servers 

  37. Migrate Documents from ECC to S/4 Hana 

  38. Attachment in MM/PLM 

  39. Attachments in PP 

  40. Attachments in QM 

  41. Attachments in SD 

  42. Attachments in SAP REFX 

  43. Attachments in EHSM / EHS module 

  44. Attachments in FI/CO/PS 

  45. Learn in detail about CMIS_REPOSITORY_SETUP 

  46. Best Practices in Document Migration  

  47. Migrate Meta Data Scenarios 

  48. Practice moving attachments physically between 3 different content servers that are geographically located on cloud / on-prem 

  49. Questions with client specific scenarios can be discussed during the Q/A sessions of the training 

  50. Upcoming new technologies updates videos.